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Skal Europe Area Committee
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Skal Europe is the largest Continental Chapter in Skal International,
representing a strong voice within the association, a trusted partner for Institutions,
and a goldmine of services and business opportunities for Members and Clubs.

Skal Europe AC

Message from the President

Our European Committee has existed since July 14th 2020. Almost 6 months! What have we been doing during this time? Nothing strongly visible! However…

The establishment of the structure, the organization of its functioning allowed the members of the Committee to get to know and appreciate each other. We're a team that doesn't need long discussions to understand each other, make decisions, and take action. We have set up a website to help Skalleagues to do Business Among Friends.


Skal Europe for Clubs and Members

Skal Europe provides free services to the Skal Europe community.
Skal Europe supports Clubs during this crisis and promotes business and destinations for the coming recovery.
Skal Europe offers Clubs a continental audience for their online activities and webinars.
Skal Europe provides European Young Skal with an international house, to be in touch with peers all over the continent.

Exclusive B2B

VEWS, Visit Europe With Skal, is the exclusive platform for B2B meetings between Skal International buyers and sellers.

Direct Marketing

Frequent targeted mail campaigns, online advertising and social media marketing supporting VEWS entries in the permanent Skal International virtual trade show.


Continental networking, meet your peers in both virtual and face to face events, building new relations to launch your business and recover from the pandemia.


Participate in Skal Academy international events. Share internationally your online Club webinars, conferences, and other educational activity.

Surveys and Research

Original research and industry data, innovative startups, technology, economic forcasts collected by Clubs and made availble to the community.

Trade Shows

Skal stand in most trade shows, meeting point, networking station, introduction to stake-holders, B2B meetings and advise on exhibitors.

About Skal Europe

Skal Europe is the house to the thousands of Members and Clubs distributed across the continent.

Largest Continental Chapter with 3,566 members
COVID-19 Recovery Tools and Procedures
No cost for Members, Clubs or Country Committees
Member's and Club's voice in Institutions

Discover how Skal Europe is your
ideal Continental partner!

SKAL online

Doing Business Among Friends
List your activity and participate in the European Travel Market
Connecting tourism professionals
Join the largest global network in the Travel and Tourism industry
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Board Members and Directors

Karine Coulanges

President Skal Paris

SEAC Marketing Development director, relations with Skal International and International Counsellors.

President Skal Italia

SEAC Vice President, in charge of Skal Europe Quality Awards for best practices.

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