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Skal Bucharest Ukraine support one year later

Almost one year ago, this part of Europe was shaken by something which we considered to be unacceptable in the modern world. One country starts to bomb a neighbour.

As a consequence, a lot of refugees entered countries around. Romania, Poland Hungary become immediately new homes for Ukrainian fellows. Romania absorbed approx 1,2 million Ukrainians. Part of them arrived in Bucharest, to stay, and some of them were transiting our country.

Many humanitarian efforts were involved, in providing decent conditions for these refugees.

Thanks to international efforts, SKAL International were involved in all these movements. Due to friendship, we managed to assure the transfer of Ukrainian people to Salzburg in a joint effort with our colleagues from Austria.

A lot of clubs around the world allocate financial resources and we were in a position to offer decent meals to the Ukrainian refugees in the shelters in Bucharest. Also, we managed to assure transfers from the central railway station to the airport for those transiting Bucharest.

At the same time, we managed to take care of the young people in schools, creating the environment to continue their learning process. Due to Skal community efforts, we managed to create classes for them. And they were in a position to continue their learning process.

Education is the most important investment in the future.

Last summer we sent 40 kids to the Black Sea coast, and for many of them, it was the first time in their life the coast.

Now after almost one year since this tragedy began, we are asking how we can help.

The number of refugees is less and less. Therefore, we must concentrate on their new needs. And the newest conditions refer to social integration.

Integration in local schools, starting to learn the local language and the local traditions. Still a huge need for school equipment and training.

But this is a new reality, hoping once again to finish soon this madness.

Finally, many thanks to the international SKAL Community for their support and friendship.

Florin Tancu
Skal Bucharest