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Aid Report from Bucharest

We receive the report from the Skal Aid Committee on the continuation of support to Ukrainian refugees

Dear Skål Friends around the world,

We all belong to an organisation working among other things, also for peace and understanding in the world. That is what we want and need for our travel and tourism industry. Wars, pandemics, nature catastrophes etc. are the worst that can happen to our industry. We have seen the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

When we thought that the world should come back to “normal”, a war broke out in Europe. We could not believe it, experts did not believe it, but it happened. Russia attacked Ukraine. We have seen millions flee from the war zones and flee to neighbouring countries and on to other countries. One thing was for sure, help was needed. 

President Burcin asked Former International Presidents Matanyah Hecht and Jan H. Sunde to administer a fund for helping refugees from Ukraine. A Fund was set up and Skål members were asked to contribute. Matanyah and Jan had experience from the Tsunami Fund from 2004/2005.

It was early clear that children need especially help and President Florin and his team in Skål Bucharest had started a help regime and plan and it was natural to ask Florin to be involved and see if the Aid Committee could help Skål Bucharest with funds. Florin and his team had a plan and they have done a lot.

During the weekend 3-5th of June, 44 Ukrainian kids and their teachers spend their time in one of the Black Sea coast hotels, Majestic Jupiter.

All the kids are students at National College Mihai Viteazul from Bucharest. Their entire stay was paid for by Skal International Bucharest. They have a lot of nice words from their teachers. They also have the intention to donate another 9 electronic boards, besides the first 3 of them, which are already installed.

It was natural that the Skål Aid Fund decided to fund some of the boards, the trip to the Black Sea and the Skål T-shirts. 

Please have a look at the pictures from Florin. 

The Aid Committee will also donate money to Red Cross and UNICEF, earmarked for help to Ukrainian children.

Thank you to all who have donated money and to Skål Bucharest for the fantastic job they have done to help. 

On behalf of the Ad Committee 

Matanyah and Jan