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Candidates for the Skal Europe AC Board 2023-2025

We are pleased to introduce the dedicated individuals applying for positions within the Skal Europe board. Each candidate brings a wealth of experience and a passion for advancing the goals of Skal International across Europe. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise promise to enrich the organization’s initiatives.


  • Franz Heffeter
    • Candidate President – Skal Austria
  • Paolo Bartolozzi
    • Candidate Vice President – Skal Italia
  • Gracia Peregrin Rubio
    • Candidate Vice President – Skal España
  • David Fontanella
    • Candidate PR Communications Officer – Skal Suisse
  • Stefan Pettersson
    • Candidate Secretary – Skal Stockholm
  • Bertrand Petyt
    • Candidate Auditor – Director Special Projects – Skal Cote d’Azur
  • Alan Racic
    • Candidate Treasurer – IT Director – Skal Croatia
  • Nancy Zschocke
    • Candidate Auditor – Director Special Projects and Development – Skal Germany
  • Georgeta Grecu
    • Candidate Membership Development Officer – Skal Bucharest

Positions Open for Election:

  • President
  • Two Vice Presidents
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Two Auditors
  • PR Communications Officer
  • Membership Development Officer

The incoming board will also appoint a web administrator. Additionally, specific members or appointed Directors will oversee critical portfolios including Academy, Young Skal, Art and Culture, Tour Guides, Airlines, Sustainable Tourism (including Awards), Technology and Startups, and the organization of the Annual General Assembly (AGA) for the years 2024 and 2025. During their tenure, new topics may also emerge, and volunteers from clubs or national committees are encouraged to participate or contribute in their various capacities.

Given that Skal Europe operates without a budget, the role of Treasurer may encompass coordinating the Board fundraising activities, including seeking support from sponsors and voluntary contributions from Clubs and National Committees. In the event of such funds, auditors will play a crucial role in certifying the accounts for the benefit of the membership, the Board, and the sponsors. However, it’s important to note that auditors will focus primarily on the specific areas they applied for (such as IT, special projects, etc.).

Alan Racic

Candidature for the Position of Treasurer – IT Director As the candidate for the position of IT Director of Skal Europe,..

Bertrand Petyt

Candidature for the Position of Auditor – Director Special Projects I am a seasoned Luxury Hospitality Operations Executive with a wealth..

David Fontanella

Candidate for Communication Director – Elevating Engagement Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as the..

Franz Heffeter

Candidate for President 2023-2025 Vision for SKAL International Europe Area and the Role of the President Europe, with its rich history..

Georgeta Grecu

Candidature for the Position of MDO – Membership Development Officer Skal International Europe Area Committee Membership Development Plan Ladies and gentlemen..

Gracia Peregrin Rubio

Candidate for Vice-President 2023-2025 Vision for SKAL International Europe Area and Role of Vice-President As a candidate for the position of..

Nancy Zschocke

Candidature for the Position of Auditor – Director Special Projects and Development Activity Program for the Position of Director of Special..

Paolo Bartolozzi

Candidate for Vice-president Candidature Statement for Vice-president of Skal Europe I am pleased to present my candidature, viewing it as a..

Stefan Pettersson

Candidature for the Position of Secretary I am honoured to put forth my candidature for the role of Secretary General within..