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How Skal Suisse is successful

The SKAL Club Suisse International (SCSI) plays a vital role in enhancing the association’s visibility and attracting fresh members. Through active involvement in the local community and the organization of diverse events and activities, the club raises awareness regarding the association’s objectives and offerings.

We have implemented several key strategies to accomplish this objective:

  1. SCSI represents SKAL INTERNATIONAL by participating in community events and showcasing its work. Through engaging with the public and addressing inquiries, the club raises awareness and generates interest among potential members.
  2. The organization of events aligned with our mission is also impactful. For instance, SCSI arranges networking events, industry seminars, and cultural exchange programs, which demonstrate our expertise and draw professionals and enthusiasts in the field. SCSI extends support to all 13 local Swiss clubs.
  3. Utilizing digital platforms and social media is essential for expansion. SCSI shares updates, success stories, and information about upcoming events related to our local Swiss clubs. Engaging content like photos, videos, and testimonials inform and inspire the audience, attracting individuals who may not have been previously aware of SKAL.
  4. Collaboration with other local tourism and hospitality organizations, clubs, or businesses is another effective strategy. Joint events, promotional campaigns, or collaborative projects increase visibility and foster a sense of community. Partnerships introduce the association’s work to new audiences and have the potential to convert them into members.
  5. Hosting open-house or information sessions allows individuals to learn about SKAL and its benefits firsthand. These sessions provide a personal experience, allowing potential members to connect on a deeper level and motivating them to join.

In conclusion, SKAL Club Suisse International plays a critical role in enhancing visibility and attracting new members to SKAL EUROPE & SKAL INTERNATIONAL. Through community engagement, event organization, digital outreach, collaboration, and information sessions, the club effectively promotes SKAL INTERNATIONAL’s goals and attracts individuals passionate about promoting tourism and hospitality.