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Open invitation to Committees participation

We publish here the full text of the message from President Burcin Turkkan sent to all Skal Members inviting to participate in the new Committees to relaunch our Association.

Those who wish to participate can write, before January 26, 2022, to one of the co-chairmen of the committee of interest.


The theme for the year is Skål International 2022: WE ARE STRONGER, TOGETHER AS ONE, with three main goals to be achieved in 2022:

  • Restructure of the Governance.
  • Better Fiscal Policies.
  • Strategic Growth of Membership.

As alluded to in my theme, the goals set out would only be achieved with the focused collaboration of all members joining eight different Committees, co-chaired by appointed Skål International members where meaningful contributions and a carefully planned implementation process will be discussed and worked on. These Committees will then add valuable assistance to the Skål International Executive Board and their portfolios.

Skål International members have extensive knowledge and talents in different avenues of travel and tourism, and these resources should be utilized to attain the theme for this year.

As we all know, success is only achieved through collaboration and applied ideas. For this purpose, I have initiated eight Committees. This letter aims to make a call to all members of Skål International and invite them to join the Committees and work with Skålleagues from all continents where Skål International is represented.



Executive Board Liaison
Burcin Turkkan, Skål International President

  • Jean-Francois Cote, Co-chairman:
  • Franz Heffeter, Co-chairman:
  • Holly Powers, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Juan Steta, Skål International Vice President

  • Salih Cene, Co-chairman:
  • Mok Singh, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Marja Eela-Kaskinen, Skål International Director

  • Olukemi (Kemi) Soetan,
  • Steve Richer, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Julie Dabaly-Scott, International Skål Council President

  • Lavonne Wittmann, Co-chairman:
  • Paul Durand, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Denise Scrafton, Skål International Director

  • Thomas Doebber-Ruether, Co-chairman:
  • Trish May, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Daniela Otero, Skål International CEO

  • Paolo Bartolozzi, Co-chairman:
  • Enrique Flores, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Annette Cardenas, Skål International Director

  • Juergen Steinmetz, Co-chairman:
  • Frank Legrand, Co-chairman:


Executive Board Liaison
Burcin Turkkan (temporary), Skål International President

  • Jean Pelletier, Co-chairman:
  • Deniz Anapa, Co-chairman:
  • Andrew Wood, Co-chairman:

As we would like to celebrate the achievements of each Committee at our World Congress in Croatia in October, it would mean that we have eight months to strategize, implement and achieve.

If you are an executor, ready to take the challenge, and already excited about working with Skålleagues to bring back the fun to our organization, please contact your above-listed Committee Co-Chairs via email confirming your participation by January 26, 2022. Please note that you can only be a part of one Committee.

Even though the invitation is open to all members, I would suggest that Committees should not be too large as this does slow down a successful outcome within a specific time. It will be at the Co-chairs discretion to advise when they have reached the desired numbers of members in their Committee.

On behalf of the Skål International Executive Board, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for deciding to join one of the Committees. We appreciate your commitment and accepting the challenge to work with the Skål International Executive Board. I know you will be a great asset to your Committee!

Please know that your Skål International Executive Board and I am always available to engage with you regarding any questions, concerns, and feedback you may have at any time.

Always, in friendship and Skål,
Burcin Turkkan
Skål International World President, 2022