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Skal Italia held the Sustainable Tourism Awards 2023

During the last AGA, Skal Italia announced the winning projects for its Sustainable Tourism Awards. Every one of the nine categories was covered by projects, of different amplitude but inspiring for all.

Sustainable tourism awards are becoming increasingly popular as travellers seek out destinations and businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility and social awareness.

For Skal International members, participating in or winning such awards can be a significant benefit in terms of increased visibility, positive publicity, and increased revenue. By showcasing their commitment to sustainable tourism practices, Skal International members can attract a growing market of conscious consumers who, often, are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly and socially responsible travel experiences.

Clubs and National committees are a great playground to organize Sustainable Tourism Awards. It’s not necessary to implement strict regulations or project formats as the focus is on encouraging members to participate.

The publication over the internet of all projects (not only the winners) will be a great incentive to participate and sets an example for the other members and clubs.

Moreover, sustainable tourism awards can benefit the tourism industry as a whole by promoting best practices and encouraging greater environmental stewardship across the board.

By recognizing and rewarding sustainable tourism initiatives, these awards can motivate other businesses to adopt similar practices, ultimately creating a more responsible and sustainable tourism industry. This, in turn, can help preserve natural and cultural resources, support local communities, and promote a more equitable and sustainable tourism sector overall.

Click here to see the Skal Italia Sustainable Tourism Awards.