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Tender for 2023 AGA update

April 30, 2023, is the final deadline for submitting offers for the Skal Europe 2023 elective AGA. All European Clubs are welcome and encouraged to submit an offer.

Here is a reminder of what Skal Europe is looking for.


We would want to hold the AGA during any weekend (Friday to Sunday) in October or November 2023.

We are not looking for a specific date, we want you to propose the cheapest.


The event can be handled by a single hotel.

However, it would be interesting if a destination were to propose. This way a multiple choice of accommodation would be granted (from very cheap to high-end), giving a wider audience the possibility to participate.

Also, it’s easier for a destination to have sponsors that would make the event more successful.


  • 2 nights accommodation (choice between 4-, 3-, 2-star hotels) on a BB basis
  • Optional get-together dinner on Friday evening.
  • Meeting room all day (Saturday only) for plenary session and a second smaller one for young Skal Assembly for a few hours
  • 2 coffee breaks (morning and afternoon) and working lunch.
  • PA system, internet connectivity for Zoom participants, widescreen.
  • Formal dinner
  • Optional tour on Sunday


Please send the offers to and in CC by (new date) April 30 2023.

The proposals will be published on the Skal Europe website for evaluation by the Club Presidents who will then vote online for the winner.

Sustainable proposals

Sustainability best practices in congress and meeting organizations have numerous advantages, both for the environment and for the attendees. First and foremost, incorporating sustainability into these events can significantly reduce the carbon footprint by using eco-friendly products, recycling, and reducing waste. This can also set an example for attendees to implement sustainability practices in their own lives and businesses.

Additionally, utilizing sustainable practices can often result in cost savings. For example, reducing energy and water usage can lead to lower utility bills. Furthermore, selecting sustainable food and beverage options can not only reduce waste but also often result in healthier and more nutritious options for attendees.

Implementing sustainability best practices can also enhance the reputation of the organizers and the event itself. Consumers and businesses alike are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability, and prioritizing eco-friendly practices can demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Overall, incorporating sustainability into Congress and meeting organization is not only environmentally responsible, but it can also lead to cost savings and enhanced reputation, making it a win-win for all involved.

Enhance your submission by explaining how you will make it sustainable!