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From Skal Romania – The Reality of a flaw-full Governance: an eye-opener

Skal Bucharest will vote against the proposed resolution as It doesn’t address the main issues of Skal.

  • After over 90 years of the Guidance and rules given to us by our forefathers, that walked Skal through a world war, the boom of tourism, and the internet revolution we are now asked to hurry to change this, in one month, during an Online EOGM where only a selected few (less than two hands can count) can speak?
  • Why can’t we wait 3 months or more; heavens are not going to fall, to give a fair representation to all in Croatia which will be live, so we all can discuss and deliberate and then decide?  Why is there this mad rush, which looks so un-Skal, trying to push things which are against the fundamentals of Skal?
  • Regional Director creation will need a huge budget, going from 6 to up to 15 positions in the EB. The EB and the Secretariat should be at the service of the Clubs, not the other way around. In the region/district system in areas like India, Germany, Asia, or Australia for example, we may have 3 or 4 candidates, and this will create a rift in the regions, making brothers fight against brothers. It’s a clear divide and rule policy which is un-Skal. Let’s remember that Skal was founded before WW2, in Europe, to overcome political issues and restrictions while running profitable tourist markets.
  • The new governance proposal offers regional elections. The most voted candidate becomes Regional Director, the second-highest becomes his deputy and others are eliminated. In regions such as Asia, with 10 or more countries, there will be countries that will have to wait years to have a nominated director. This means if there are 10 countries in a region the rotation will take 10 to 20 years! 
  • History shows us that divided elections create divided communities. The current statute puts at EB level the “beauty contest”; the proposed reform moves the “beauty contest” down to the regional level. The real issue is why we need “beauty contests” in the first place and why this is not dealt with.  What is the real purpose of the Executive Board? What service does it provide to clubs who pay for it? What is the job description of the proposed board? What do Clubs get if the cost of the board increases?
  • There should be an elected second VP. We must break the chain of presidential elections with only one candidate. How can we accept that a board in charge for 7 months could not organize the election of the 2nd VP, preparing for a proper, democratic, lawful choice in the next presidential election?  
  • The nomination of the 2nd “ad interim” Vp, former President Hulya Astlantas, provided the majority vote (4 to 2) in whatever board resolution, without giving Clubs the possibility to choose the next president. This is un-Skal and against our core principles. Will the present board remedy this situation?
  • The proposal of removing the three-year period of grace between active and retired status for presidential candidates is a clear “ad personam” amendment that cannot be accepted. We are an association of professionals, active in the tourism industry. Our Presidents cannot be retired!

This list of points emerged from an open discussion between Skal Bucharest members, it doesn’t necessarily represent the opinion of the individual board members. The vote of the board, however, reflects the wish of the members and will be NO to the proposed reform.