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Finnish Skål clubs will vote “No” in EOAGA

SI Finland NC statement:

It is truly sad that the organisation we love has found itself in a situation where trust, transparency and long-term leadership have been replaced by bickering, self-interest, political blockades and a semblance of democracy.

The questions are many:

  1. Why are we rushing ahead of a big decision?
  2. Does everyone understand the consequences?
  3. Why have two board members voted against the proposal put forward to the EOAGA?
  4. Why has the CEO, hired to reform the organisation and build a long-term strategy, been sidelined and the entire staff micro-managed?

On the contrary, would it not make more sense to maximize the utilization of these resources that already account for the bulk of our annual budget – the General Secretariat and the CEO – instead of increasing the size of the Board – and hence the expenditure?

Finnish Skål clubs will vote “No” in EOAGA.