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Chiara Brischetto: Spearheading Sustainability at Ferrovia Monte Generoso After Skal Europe Sustainability Award

Situated in the heart of the scenic Swiss Canton Ticino, Ferrovia Monte Generoso (FMG) stands as a testament to sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship.

Recently, this commitment was illuminated when FMG was honoured with the Skal Europe Sustainability Award on the 3rd of December. Monica Besomi, Vice Director – Head of Marketing and Communication, accepted the award from David Fontanella, President of Skal Suisse, and Sonia Spinelli from the World Executive Board, marking a significant milestone for the company.

Chiara Brischetto – Architect of FMG’s Sustainable Future

Within the picturesque landscapes of Canton Ticino, Chiara Brischetto spearheads sustainability initiatives at FMG. As the Marketing Project Manager and assistant CEO, her role extends beyond managerial duties, embodying a passionate commitment to integrating sustainability into every facet of FMG’s operations.

“I realized I couldn’t ignore sustainability when I started seeing it as a synergy between interconnected concepts: humans, the environment, and the economy resonating harmoniously for the collective well-being,” shared Brischetto.

Her dedication, recognized even in her personal life, has earned her the affectionate moniker of ‘Miss Green.’

FMG’s Commitment Post-Skal Europe Sustainability Award

Amidst the stunning vistas of Canton Ticino, FMG has carved a niche for itself as a sustainable tourism destination. The recent Skal Europe Sustainability Award stands as a testament to FMG’s tireless endeavors towards sustainability. This recognition underscores FMG’s commitment to environmental consciousness, a commitment shared by the entire organization.

Furthermore, FMG’s sustainability strategy, launched in 2021, aims to align the company with Migros Group’s sustainability principles while enhancing the eco-compatibility of Monte Generoso, offering visitors a unique and eco-responsible experience.

Environmental Impact and Innovations

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Canton Ticino, Bellavista station at Monte Generoso has been transformed into a thriving biotope under FMG’s stewardship. Purpose-built structures like stone and wood masses now provide sanctuary to various insect and amphibian species. These efforts have fostered not only local flora and fauna but also sheltered endangered species like the ‘Rosalia Alpina’ beetle.

Renovations, including the refurbishment of Buffet Bellavista, have highlighted FMG’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Moreover, their phytodepuration system, designed for wastewater treatment, doubles as a habitat for species associated with moist environments.

The refurbishment of Bolla Alpe di Mendrisio, near Bellavista on Monte Generoso, exemplifies FMG’s environmental responsibility. These ‘bubbles,’ once cattle watering holes, now aid in colonising protected species, revitalizing a historic area and nurturing local biodiversity.

Additionally, FMG’s adept management of ‘prati magri’ (lean meadows), crucial for preserving flora and fauna, showcases its dedication to environmental sustainability.


Located in the picturesque Swiss Canton Ticino, Ferrovia Monte Generoso stands as a beacon of environmental sustainability. Under the leadership of Chiara Brischetto, their initiatives illustrate how nature conservation can seamlessly integrate with development and innovation.

Brischetto aptly says, “Sustainability isn’t a standalone effort; it’s a symphony where all elements resonate in harmony.”

Proud members of Skal Lugano, FMG continues to set a remarkable example in sustainable tourism and environmental responsibility. For further insights into Chiara Brischetto’s initiatives and FMG’s sustainability practices, visit their website and explore the dedicated sustainability page.