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Europe Young SKAL Survey

What Young Skal members expect from the Club

Between the 10th and 12th of February 2021, Skal International Roma conducted a survey on the entire Young Skal population of the Skal Europe Area Committee (SEAC).

The survey is composed of 8 questions to measure the sentiment of Young Skal members, to identify expectancies and describe their ideal vision of the Club.

The survey was sent to 78 young members using Forms of Google Docs (SEAC has 120 young members, only 78 with a valid email) and 15 responded, equivalent to 20% of the statistic universe.

Two main points stand out:

  1. Young members expect to have an international experience
  2. Young members want to actively participate in the Club / Area Committee activities

Currently, both points are generally not fulfilled hence the little engagement and high drop-out ratio.

87% of answers show the need, and the desire, to actively build a European house for Young Skal.