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For a successful AGA in 2023, Skal Europe is seeking sponsors, vouchers and prizes

Skal Europe is a platform at the service of European Clubs. The 2023 AGA will be a great moment for members and clubs to get exposure and recognition.

All Clubs and National Committees belonging to Skal Europe Area are invited to provide prizes for Award winners such as Sustainable Tourism and Quality Awards for Best practices (the latter to be announced soon).

Each voucher/prize, together with the proponing Club, will get exposure on the Skal Europe website, social media and Newsletters.

A member, a Club or a National Committee wishing to become a sponsor (monetary donation or free supplies/products for the AGA) will get in return a published free interview, a full presentation of its products/service, and mentions in all published AGA materials.

If the prizes and vouchers exceed the number of winners, they will be put for auction/lottery and the revenue will be split between covering some Skal Europe costs and a charity. The charity will be selected by European Club Presidents through an online vote.

Please send all non-material prizes by email to and in CC by May 30, 2023.