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Interview with Alan Racic

The new Treasurer of Skal International and IT Director had a conversation with us, and we gladly publish.

As the new member of the rejuvenated Skal Europe board, we discussed with Alan Racic what he believes will drive the evolution of Skal as a brand at the forefront of tourism trends.

SE: Good day, Alan. It’s a pleasure to have you here. To kick things off, could you give us an insight into your life with Skal International?

AR: Thank you for having me. Coming from the MICE sector, Skal has been the driving force behind more than 10 years of my career growth. It opened doors to a vast network of tourism professionals, but it goes beyond that. Skal is about connecting on a meaningful and personal level—sharing great moments, exchanging profound ideas, and forging strong, lasting friendships from around the world.

SE: In contemplating Skal’s role as a global organization, how do you perceive its vital contribution to shaping the European tourism scene?

AR: The significance of Skal in influencing European tourism is deeply rooted in the pioneering idea that brought together the founding members of the Skal Europe Area Committee.

On this occasion, I would like to thank the Skalleagues who established Skal Europe in Rome.

Also, my appreciation goes to President Franz Heffeter and the members of the board of Skal Europe Tito Livio Mongelli, Paolo Bartolozzi and David Fontanella who have done outstanding work so far.

Their understanding of the importance of assembling European tourism experts in a unified space marks a critical juncture in the organization’s history. But the founding of the Skal Europe Area Committee is more than a strategic move, it is an innovative act that recognizes the immense potential for growth and improvement through the collaboration of diverse voices and experiences.

SE: What strategic initiatives does Skal Europe have in place to actively contribute to the development of Skal clubs?

AR: As a proud member of the new European board, I find genuine excitement in our clear vision for a robust forward movement, focused on enhancing every facet of Skal in Europe. Our commitment extends beyond organizational development. We actively embrace new ideas and inspirations from our members, fostering an environment characterized by continuous positive development and progress.

This approach not only honours the legacy of Skal’s founders but also propels the organization towards a future where innovation and excellence characterize our collective endeavours in influencing the tourism environment of Europe.

SE: That’s truly remarkable. How does Skal Europe, under your role as IT Director, empower the business of its Skalleagues in the digital landscape?

AR: With strong foundations already set, we’re expanding Skal’s digital ecosystem by actively involving members of European clubs. The value lies in connecting online, participating in discussions on crucial tourism topics, and sharing insights that open doors for exponential business growth. Projects like the Skal Europe Academy, Visit Europe with Skal B2B Marketplace, and Skal Europe Website with insightful news about sustainability, technology, art and culture create a perfect digital environment for Skalleagues in Europe.

SE: It sounds like Skal Europe is embracing the digital age. Specifically for young members of the tourism industry, what benefits do you believe Skal offers?

AR: Skal provides young professionals with an unprecedented opportunity to expand their network—from local gatherings to exclusive European events and the annual World Congress, where Skalleagues from 330 clubs worldwide gather. It’s a chance for the younger generation to be heard, share new ideas, and receive mentoring support from experienced members. By promoting Skal as a welcoming community for like-minded enthusiasts, we expect a positive response from new applicants.

SE: That’s a fantastic approach to fostering growth. Looking ahead, how do you envision the future of Skal Europe in your role as IT Director?

AR: Aligned with a cohesive team, I foresee sustained progress across all fronts. Tourism is about broadening perspectives and seizing personal development opportunities by connecting globally. Skal Europe, with its rich cultural roots, has the potential for continuous expansion across more than 40 countries.

From an IT standpoint, involving individuals familiar with new technologies is crucial to keeping the organization fresh with innovative ideas. The synergy of experienced members and the enthusiasm of the younger generation will be key in supporting Skal clubs in entering the digital space and attracting new members.

It’s a collaborative effort with my fellow Skalleagues on the European board.

SE: Thank you, Alan, for sharing your insights and vision for Skal Europe’s future. It’s evident that Skal is not just an organization; it’s a dynamic community driving positive change in the tourism industry.