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Skal Europe Awards 2023

Outstanding Achievements Recognized at Skal Europe’s Annual General Assembly

In a ceremony that underscored the commitment to sustainable tourism, Skal Europe’s Annual General Assembly bestowed honours upon individuals and projects making remarkable strides in fostering responsible and eco-friendly travel. The Board acknowledged the following outstanding Sustainable Tourism Members and Projects:

Refill Your Bottle (presented by Skal Sud Tyrol)

  • Recipient: Werner Zanotti
  • Accepted by: Peter Castelforte, Secretary of Skal Sud Tyrol

Refill Your Bottle, initiated by Brixen Tourism and presented by Skal Sud Tyrol, emerged as a beacon of sustainability. By strategically placing water refill stations in public spaces, businesses, and community centres, the project pioneers accessible and convenient alternatives to single-use plastic bottles. A shining example of a sustainable initiative thriving on local community involvement.

EcoLuxury (presented by Skal Roma)

  • Recipient: Enrico Ducrot
  • Accepted by: Luigi Sciarra, President of Skal Roma

Viaggi dell’Elefante’s EcoLuxury, unveiled by Skal Roma, sets a new benchmark for high-end tourism. This unique tour operator has introduced a comprehensive line of services encompassing sustainable accommodation (ECOLUXURY RETREATS OF THE WORLD), skill development, and activities promoting Sustainable Travel (ECOLUXURY TRAVEL). The project further advocates for sustainable practices through the innovative B2B experience, the ECOLUXURY FAIR.

RurAllure – Association of the Vie Francigene (presented by Skal Roma)

  • Recipient: Elena Dubinina
  • Accepted by: Martin Lopez Nores of the University of Vigo in Spain

Skal Roma presented the award to RurAllure, a European association managing over 11,000 km of pilgrimage routes across the continent, including the renowned Canterbury Rome and Paris Santiago de Compostela. The project celebrates cultural exploration through sustainable travel experiences.

DMO Irpinia: The Renaissance of a Rural Area (presented by Skal Napoli)

  • Recipient: Nelly Russo
  • Accepted by: Tito Livio Mongelli, President of Skal Italia

Skal Napoli recognized DMO Irpinia’s transformative efforts in redefining a rural area as a truly sustainable destination. ‘Welcome Irpinia,’ the first green destination model in the Campania region, promotes sustainable development by enhancing cultural, natural, and gastronomic heritage while championing green tourism.

In addition to these remarkable projects, special recognition was accorded to:

  • Nicolle Martin, President of Skal Cote D’Azur, for her exceptional dedication to building the largest Skal Club globally.
  • Jo Jungwirth, President of Skal Germany, was acknowledged for his role in ensuring smooth elections adhering to the values and rules of Skal.

As the assembly unfolded, several Club and National Committee Presidents presented projects by their members for consideration in the forthcoming Skal Europe Awards, adding exciting anticipation to the event’s proceedings.