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Interview with Anna Maria De Lucia, President of Skal Napoli

On the occasion of the candidature of the DMO Welcome Irpinia to the Skal International Sustainability Awards 2023, we interviewed the President of Skal Napoli that, in only three years from its foundation, is all over the Italian Press and built strong ties with local and national institutions.

SE: Thank you, Anna Maria, we’re eager to chat about the incredible activities Skal Napoli has been up to, especially with the DMO Welcome Irpinia project nominated for the Skal International Sustainability Awards 2023. Can you give us the scoop on how this project is yet another shining moment for your club?

: Thank you for having me! Absolutely, the nomination of the DMO Welcome Irpinia project for the Skal International Sustainability Awards 2023 is truly a remarkable achievement for Skal Club Napoli. It reflects our ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact in the world of sustainable tourism.

SE: Your club is on fire with these fantastic initiatives. Could you let us in on the secret sauce that powers your club and fuels all these incredible projects?

AMDL: At Skal Club Napoli, we’re all about sharing ideas, projects, and passions. Every member’s contribution is valued and respected, driving our collective energy. Currently, we’re immensely proud of the recognition pouring in not just from fellow clubs in Italy and Europe, but also from media outlets and local authorities.

SE: Your club’s accomplishments are truly inspiring. Could you give us a glimpse into some of the remarkable activities Skal Club Napoli has been involved in?

AMDL: Our journey has been filled with impactful moments – from collaborating with vocational schools to fostering positive change to crafting an influential hospitality guidebook that earned praise from Procida, the Capital of Culture 2022. And there’s more! We’ve taken centre stage at the Royal Library of Naples and rallied for flood relief efforts in Ischia. We’ve also teamed up with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs DGIT MAECI and formed strong partnerships with local groups like MY CAMPANIA ROOTS, NOSTOS23, and COMITATO DELLE RADICI CAMPANE. Our dedication to sustainability shines through projects like MEDIETERRANEA, DMO WELCOME IRPINIA, and NA Storia. Plus, we’ve had the honour of participating in events like the “Giornate dell’Emigrazione” at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome and the grand “Paesi miei” book launch celebration.

SE: Your club’s influence is truly impressive. How do you manage to attract such attention and recognition from a variety of quarters?

AMDL: It’s all thanks to our united front and the expertise of our talented members. By partnering with local influencers, cultural institutions, and respected organizations, we’ve created initiatives that have made waves on a global scale. It’s the shared passion, unwavering commitment, and collective influence that sets us apart.

SE: Your club’s vision for the future is captivating. Can you share your outlook for Skal Club Napoli in the coming years, especially in the realm of sustainable tourism?

AMDL: Looking ahead, our focus is on growth and expanding our family to include more like-minded individuals who share our zeal for sustainable tourism. We’re building on a solid foundation with clear rules, mutual respect, and a common purpose. Our aspiration is to be leaders in shaping the future of sustainable tourism, both locally and on the global stage.

SE: It’s been fantastic chatting with you, Anna Maria. Before we wrap up, could you touch upon the role of Luigi Sciarra, President of Skal Roma, in the journey of Skal Club International Napoli?

AMDL: Absolutely! Luigi Sciarra, President of Skal Roma, has been instrumental in our club’s journey. His support and guidance were pivotal in the establishment of Skal Club International Napoli. Luigi’s continuous coaching and mentoring have been a propulsive force, driving our club’s growth and success. His dedication to fostering a spirit of collaboration and excellence has played a significant role in our achievements and the positive impact we’ve made.

SE: Thank you so much for sharing this insight, Anna Maria. It’s been an enlightening conversation about the remarkable journey of Skal Club International Napoli.

AMDL: Thank you for having me! We’re excited to inspire others to join us on this exciting path towards a greener and more responsible tourism industry.