Europe's Voice of Tourism


Message from President Eric Etienne

Dear Skalleagues,

Finally, it looks like we are emerging from these long, dark times.

The situation may not improve as quickly as we would like, but everywhere, in Europe, lights become green.  Tourism people are full of optimism.  We in Skål are full of optimism too. We are all ready to welcome tourists from everywhere, even if sometimes it is more likely our tourists will come to form the vicinity.

Some of us, in Skål Europe, are more ready than others. They are the ones who have put their businesses onto the platform.  No need to remember you this is included in your annual Skål subscription.   This platform has been built by Skalleague Paolo Bartolozzi, President of Skål International Roma, and Italian International Councillor. Paolo is also working hard building the Skål Europe website, which is going to be online soon. I have the pleasure to announce that Paolo, has been co-opted as a member of the SAEC board as the Web administrator.  Paolo will be working hard for us very soon, as he will be in charge of the organisation team for our elections.

Surfing on the re-opening wave the SEAC board has decided to have a face-to-face AGM.

This will take place during a weekend when we celebrate Tourism in Europe. The chosen place is full of symbols: Venice. If a city means tourism in Europe, Venice is, for sure, on the shortlist. And Venice, this year celebrates its 1650 birthday…. Skal international Venice will also sign a Twinning with Salzburg.  Venice is very easily reachable from most European airports. The time is also important 21 to 24 October. That means we will have time to work with our clients and enjoy Venice when there are fewer tourists in the magic city. The Team of Skal International Venice, led by SAEC Vice President Armando Ballarin has a wonderful programme, which can be booked a la carte for more flexibility. I am confident every European Skalleagues will be happy to meet in Venice. This weekend will be the first in a long time. For those of us who will not be able to be in Venice, the AGM will also be virtual. All European clubs will be able to participate and vote. 

Eric Etienne
Eric Etienne – President