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Skal Salzburg’s mission to Bucharest

I am so impressed by the motivation of our members to help in this terrible situation, way ahead of the governmental aid measures”, Skal International Salzburg President Christoph Nake said.

Club Secretary Martin Satke devoted an enormous effort into establishing a fantastic group of Skålleague volunteers who not only delivered more than 4 tons of goods in busses to Bucharest but also took some refugees with them to Salzburg.

The funding of the goods delivered is the result of the club’s fundraising attempt, which took a mere few days to accomplish. After the refugees spent the first 10 days at Hotel Imlauer, they have since been provided more permanent housing in and around Salzburg.

The process of providing medical treatment, clothing and other basic necessities took some time, both registry and providing jobs for those capable and willing to work is an ongoing task.

We are humbled by the efforts taken to change the world for the better, at least for those who came to Salzburg. Great to give the nice words of SKÅL meaning.”