Europe's Voice of Tourism

Skal Europe: Driving Sustainable Tourism and Business Collaboration

Skal Europe Area Committee serves as a dynamic forum, fostering collaboration and innovation among European Clubs within Skal International. While not a governance structure, it provides a platform for Clubs and National Committees to engage in various activities and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable tourism practices and facilitating business opportunities.

Here’s how Skal Europe is actively shaping the future of tourism in Europe:

  1. Business Collaboration: Skal Europe facilitates interclub business-to-business (B2B) sessions tailored to specific sectors and markets. These sessions, such as “Italy meets Germany” and “South France meets Switzerland,” enable Clubs to explore potential partnerships and collaborations, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support among members.
  2. Education: Skal Europe Academy offers a range of educational webinars covering topics such as Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Trends, and Best Practices. These webinars, conducted in English and open to all Club members, serve as valuable learning opportunities and empower Clubs to stay informed about the latest developments in the tourism industry.
  3. Sustainability Awards: Skal Europe recognizes and supports sustainability initiatives through European awards and by endorsing national and Club awards. Unlike traditional awards, Skal Europe fully publishes every project, creating a comprehensive database of ideas accessible to all members, thus promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  4. Activities Promotion: Interclub activities, including golf tournaments, cultural celebrations, and art events, are promoted through the European calendar, enhancing participation and engagement among members across different Clubs and regions.
  5. Publication and Networking: The Skal Europe website serves as a hub for Clubs and National Committees to announce activities, share interviews, and showcase original research and best practices. Additionally, the revamped VEWS website allows members to publish their company listings, facilitating networking and business opportunities within the Skal community.

Furthermore, Skal Europe organizes open meetings approximately every 45 days, providing Presidents and Delegates with a platform to address emerging issues and challenges, build community, and share best practices. These meetings foster collaboration, align values, and enhance the continental reach of Clubs and National Committees.

Skal Europe also supports Clubs in membership retention and development efforts, linking participation in activities and initiatives to membership renewal and outreach to potential new members. By leveraging its resources and network, Skal Europe acts as a facilitator for interclub activities, encouraging Clubs to explore new models and engage diverse segments of the tourism industry.

Skal Europe’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices, business collaboration, and member engagement reflects its dedication to driving positive change and innovation within the European tourism sector. As the industry continues to evolve, Skal Europe remains at the forefront, advocating for responsible tourism and fostering a culture of excellence and cooperation among its members.