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Skal Napoli and the Beauty of Doing Together!

On June 25th at 18:30, Skal Napoli, represented by President Anna Maria De Lucia and Vice-President Anna Cioffi, participated in the inauguration ceremony of a ceramic artwork donated to the Municipality of Casamicciola Terme.

This magnificent piece of art was financed through the funds collected among the members and clubs of Lions 108 Italy Multiple District, as well as the members of Skal International Naples. President Armando Ballarin and Luigi Sciarra also made personal contributions, along with the Skalleagues from Madrid, in support of the restoration efforts following the devastating landslide that occurred on the morning of November 26th, 2022.

The ceramic artwork depicts Mount Epomeo with a lion-shaped head, symbolizing strength, and resilience. The sun, representing hope and rebirth, shines brightly in the artwork, with fish swimming towards it, symbolizing the various areas of Casamicciola and their desire to rise again.

The event was attended by distinguished guests, including Professor Franco Scarpino, the Governor of the District, Giosi Ferrandino, the Mayor of Casamicciola, Camillo Iacono, the newly elected President of District 108Ya, and Luciano Iacono, Secretary of Skal International Naples. Representatives from religious, civil, military, and Lionistic authorities, as well as members from numerous other associations in the territory, also participated in this memorable occasion.

The artistic masterpiece was meticulously crafted by a local company, Keramos. It involved the painstaking process of creating and decorating hundreds of tiles by hand. The artwork is now proudly displayed along the breakwater wall of the port of Casamicciola Terme, adding a touch of beauty to the surroundings.

This collaborative effort between Skal International Napoli, Lions 108 Italy Multiple District, and the local community truly exemplifies the beauty of doing things together. It showcases the power of unity, compassion, and the shared goal of rebuilding and revitalizing the area affected by the landslide.

The ceramic artwork stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of the people of Casamicciola, reminding us of all of the strength that can be found in coming together for a common cause. It is a symbol of hope, rebirth, and the indomitable spirit of this remarkable community.

May this artwork continue to inspire and serve as a lasting reminder of the strength that lies within us when we work together towards a brighter future.