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Successful Webinar on Economic Sustainability and EU Directive on Greenwashing

On May 7, a highly successful webinar focused on economic sustainability and the EU Directive on Greenwashing. The event saw a large turnout, with participants from various sectors keen to engage in this crucial discussion.

Crucial Topics Covered

The webinar explored key topics vital for both consumers and businesses:

  1. Defining Greenwashing: Examining what constitutes greenwashing and its implications.
  2. Environmental Communication vs. Greenwashing: Highlighting the differences between genuine sustainability efforts and deceptive practices.
  3. EU Directive on Greenwashing: Analyzing the directive’s contents, implementation timeline, and its expected impact on business practices.
  4. Real-world Examples: Illustrating greenwashing in Europe through case studies.

Interactive Engagement

A dedicated Q&A segment allowed attendees to engage directly with the panellists, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

Distinguished Speakers

The webinar featured an esteemed lineup of speakers:

  • Tito Livio Mongelli, President of Skal Italy, provided the introductory remarks.
  • Nicola Moscheni from Silverback discussed greenwashing tactics and environmental communication strategies.
  • Corrado Carrubba from Safe Green shared insights into the EU Directive on Greenwashing and compliance advice.


The webinar was a resounding success, with high participation and active engagement. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of promoting genuine sustainability and preventing greenwashing.

Below are the slides and the recording of the webinar.