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Update from Skal Bucharest, one month into the war

Over 16,800 Euro collected through Skal International solidarity in support of the action of Skal Bucharest in the front line for helping refugees.

In a short statement Florin Tancu, President of Skal Bucharest declares that “without the incredible response of Skal International as an organization and Skalleagues as individuals we would never have been able to provide the absolutely needed help to refugees that continue to arrive from Ukraine“.

Florin continues “I really wish to thank them for their help Skal Washington DC, Skal Paris, Skal Locarno, Skal Hamburg, Skal London, Skal Engadina, Skal San Francisco, Skal Bremen, Skal Lugano, Skal Monaco and all the individuals that sent funds“.

Sanda Amalsan, General Manager of Grand Hotel Continental provided details on the specific actions:

  • 3000 pcs soap/shampoo for refugees housed in an university dormitories – on going
  • 4 x 100 persons meals for refugees housed in an event center Padurile Regale Corbeanca – on going
  • 10 hairdrayer for dormitories hosting refugees – action closed
  • 2000 individually packaged single-serving sweets for Ukrainian children hosted in dormitories – on going, every 2 weeks
  • 170 kg fresh fruits for Ukrainian children hosted in dormitories – on going , every 2 weeks
  • transfers of Ukrainian refugees from their accomodation (different places in Bucharest or outside Bucharest) to airport/train station (project developed together with Bucharest local administration, District 2) – on going
  • objects of strict necessity for a group of 50 refugees, children with special needs, hosted 120 km from Bucharest in an orphanage – on going
  • various supplies needed for the schooling of Ukrainian children offered by Romanian teachers, hosted by a prestigious high school in Bucharest – on going

The needs of refugees are changing as they move towards the European Union countries and new arrivals are in worse conditions due to the harsher war events and conditions linked to frostbite, food and sleep deprivation, post-traumatic syndrome.

Thank you for continuing your support.