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Update on Aid through Skal Bucharest

20,900 Euro donated by Skal Members and Clubs in solidarity with Skal Bucharest, in the front line for refugee aid.

Florin Tancu, President of Skal Bucharest, forwards the latest bank statement and wishes to “personally thank Alfonso Passera, Skal Cote d’Azur, Eva Meggeneder, Skal Garmish Partenkirchen, and Skal Japan“. He continues “the aid to refugees is not a one time exercise. We will need support until the war in Ukraine will have an end or, at least, a pause that will enable people to go back home. Most refugees wish to go back as soon as the crisis is over“.

More than 700,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania so far, of whom around 80,000 have remained. In total, more than 4.7 million have fled Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

Volunteers are working 24/7 at the Siret border, greeting the weary and anxious refugees as they cross into the country and providing them with hot drinks and soups. Firefighters are helping the refugees to carry their luggage and push wheelchairs; several religious organizations have set up tables and tents where they help the refugees plan their next move; groups have set up tables filled with free food and toiletries for the refugees.

Skal Bucharest, in collaboration with the Hotel and Restaurant Association, is providing meals and shelter to refugees.