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UPDATE: Ukrainians continue arriving in increasing numbers

Yesterday, March 4th, new refugees arrived in Bucharest, including foreign students that were blocked in Ukraine.

Bucharest, 5 March 2022 – Skal and HORA members continue to supply meals to refugees, many in areas made available by hotels, conference centres and gymnasiums.

Currently, queues at the border require 24 to 36 hours as everybody must be properly screened and registered, including for COVID related matters. Refugees are mainly women with children as not only its not possible for men between 18 and 60 to leave Ukraine, mostly they prefer to stay to resist the invading forces.

Florin Tancu, president of SKAL Bucharest, says: “We are exhausted, supplies are stretched, the kitchen staff is working non-stop, we continue to collect clothes and blankets to face these extremely cold days. But all volunteers resist and continue to invest 100% of their energy to help all these people. I am amazed but also happy to see moments of humanity in all this madness“.

Florin continues saying that “more than ever solidarity is the only force that fills the gaps of government help. The situation exploded in such a short time that European and National institutions were taken by surprise. We need support from our Skalleagues who are showing incredible generosity. I am moved and refugees cannot express all their gratitude“.

An Indian student who managed to escape wrote this letter: