Europe's Voice of Tourism

Paolo Bartolozzi

Candidate for Vice-president

Candidature Statement for Vice-president of Skal Europe

I am pleased to present my candidature, viewing it as a seamless continuation of the substantial groundwork laid by Tito Livio Mongelli, who now holds the esteemed position of President of Skal Italia, during his tenure at Skal Europe over the past two years. As the IT Administrator, I had the privilege to collaborate closely with him and gain invaluable insights into the areas he championed.

In my capacity, I have diligently supported the Board Team’s operations, ensuring all requisite online publications were executed with precision. A pivotal focus has been the expansion of the discourse on Sustainability, leading to the following achievements:

  • Dissemination of foundational documents from the United Nations and the European Union, which establish the legal framework for Sustainability in Tourism.
  • Pioneering the organization of prestigious Sustainability Awards at the Club, National, and Area Committee levels.
  • Providing coaching and guidance to members for effective participation in the Skal International Sustainability Awards, resulting in three commendable victories.
  • Offering individual recognition to European Members who have demonstrated unwavering dedication and innovative solutions in Sustainable tourism.
  • Publishing a total of 46 enlightening articles on the Skal Europe website, including a special series of five articles that delve into the profound dimensions of Sustainability.
  • Launching articles addressing the upcoming European ESG reporting set to commence in 2024.

Sustainable Tourism transcends fascination; it embodies a way of thinking to be woven into both corporate and personal spheres. It also represents a burgeoning legal framework we must align with. This comprehensive approach afforded me ample opportunities to elevate the visibility of our esteemed members. This was achieved through interviews, pertinent articles, curated webinars where they assumed the role of distinguished speakers and the integration of their endeavours in newsletters disseminated to all European Clubs.

In the ensuing two years, I aspire to broaden our horizons by introducing two additional focal points, while steadfastly championing Sustainable Tourism:

  • Tourism Technology and Startups
  • Art and Culture

This endeavour is entirely dedicated to serving the needs of our valued European members and clubs. It promises to deliver tangible benefits, a vital facet for both retaining our current membership and enticing new additions to our Skal family. Young entrepreneurs, poised to make their mark at national and continental levels, seek a platform, and Skal Europe stands ready to propel their journey.

The realm of Art and Culture, deeply intertwined with the essence of Europe, propels substantial tourism flows across the continent. It serves as a fertile ground for prospective members, and Skal Europe is the natural platform to showcase their talents and contributions.

Should I have the honour of being elected, I commit to wholeheartedly dedicating myself to these initiatives. Concurrently, I will continue to fulfil my role as a webmaster, ensuring the seamless functioning of the online communications infrastructure that serves as the lifeblood of the European Skal Community.

Together, let us embark on a journey of progress and unity within Skal Europe.