Europe's Voice of Tourism

David Fontanella

Candidate for Communication Director – Elevating Engagement

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as the Communication Director for Skal Europe. During this time, I successfully orchestrated the publication of over 150 articles and events on the Skal Europe website. Additionally, I undertook the crucial task of restructuring our social media presence, including the launch of the new Facebook page for Skal Europe.

Now, as I step forward to offer my candidature, I do so with a vision centred on reinvigorating our communication efforts within Skål Europe. Here are the key elements of my approach:

  1. Enhancing Digital Platforms
    My foremost priority is to propel and enhance our existing web platforms, which include and By harnessing the potential of these platforms, we can create a dynamic and informative online presence that fosters greater connectivity and engagement among our Clubs and members.
  2. Revitalizing Communication Channels
    To amplify the effectiveness of our communications, I will implement strategic improvements in our outreach. This encompasses refining our mailings and leveraging digital platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, among others. Special emphasis will be placed on actively engaging with our “young” members, valuing their unique perspectives and contributions.
  3. Cultivating Two-Way Communication
    Effective communication requires a reciprocal exchange of ideas. While top-down communication is crucial, I am equally committed to establishing channels for bottom-up communication. This will create a dynamic feedback loop, enabling us to be more responsive and attuned to the diverse needs and ideas of our members.
  4. Transparent Dissemination of Board Decisions
    Any decisions made by the board will be efficiently communicated through these established channels and any additional communication tools that may be introduced. This will ensure that all pertinent information reaches our Clubs and members in a timely and transparent manner.

I firmly believe in the significance of member-driven ideas. Encouraging a culture of dynamic and proactive ideation is essential for our ongoing growth and improvement. Our Clubs and members hold a wealth of insights and perspectives that, when harnessed, can significantly enhance our operations.

Ultimately, my overarching objective is to amplify the visibility of our Club(s) and members, reinstating them as trusted voices in the realm of tourism. By embracing these strategies and fostering a culture of open communication, we will not only solidify our presence but also forge a stronger, more vibrant Skål Europe.

Together, let us embark on this journey towards a more connected and influential future in the world of tourism!