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Unlocking Hospitality Success: Reputation Management

Sabrina Calvagno of Nivula captivated attendees with her insightful seminar on Hotel Online Reputation Management during the Skal Europe Academy on April 9, 2024. Delving into the significance of review ratings, Calvagno explored the tangible value of each percentage point improvement and the potential revenue growth associated with enhancing a hotel’s ratings. Addressing critical questions surrounding the nexus of reviews, revenue, and improvement strategies, Calvagno left no ambiguity in her responses.

Throughout her presentation, Calvagno meticulously unpacked Nivula’s REPUTATION system, illustrating its application through real-world scenarios. Tito Livio Mongelli, Director of Skal Europe Academy, set the stage for the seminar, which attracted a diverse audience of hospitality experts, hotel owners, and directors from across Europe.

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