Europe's Voice of Tourism

Alan Racic

Candidature for the Position of Treasurer – IT Director

As the candidate for the position of IT Director of Skal Europe, I aim to streamline and enhance our online presence while ensuring efficient content distribution. Here’s the plan:

  1. Managing the Skal Europe Online Platform:
    • Strengthen cooperation with Skal Europe clubs, facilitating effective communication regarding future online activities.
    • Provide support to European clubs in setting up their basic online platforms, offering guidance on content publication and social network setup.
    • Encourage all European Skal Club members to engage with social networks, fostering connectivity.
  2. Publishing Online Content:
    • Encourage European Skal clubs to share Skal Europe AC news on their platforms, emphasizing the importance of consistent quality content.
    • Facilitate the submission of relevant club news for publication on Skal Europe AC channels.
    • Promote the “Visit Europe with Skal” platform through Skal Europe clubs, harnessing their influence for wider outreach.
  3. Managing Efficiency of Online Content Distribution:
    • Advocate for content division among Skal Europe club members for more efficient distribution, assigning specific categories to individual members.
    • Provide templates for various content categories to streamline content creation.
  4. Targeting Younger Skal Audience:
    • Engage the younger Skal demographic through concise and engaging content on social media and video platforms.
  5. Managing the YouTube Video Platform:
    • Establish a Skal Europe YouTube channel, focusing on high-quality videos that effectively promote Skal.
    • Collaborate with board members to select and publish relevant educational seminar videos.
  6. Additional Promotion through Digital Content:
    • Develop a universal PowerPoint presentation template for Skal Europe, incorporating specific club information.
    • Allow European Skal clubs to customize the template to suit their unique needs.

By immersing myself in the current IT management of Skal Europe AC and aligning with the vision of the IT department, I’m committed to working with the esteemed board members and directors to propel Skal Europe to the forefront of the international hospitality industry. Together, we’ll make strides in achieving our goals.